Unify Care Teams for Patient and Staff Safety

Pager Replacement Best Practices to Manage Change, Reduce Risk, and Strengthen Safety


The frustration and inefficiency of siloed, fragmented communication are well understood by care teams: Communication dead ends. Page-and-wait toil. Alarm and interruption fatigue. Not knowing who is contacting you or why.

While plenty of information is available about why hospitals need to replace pagers, little guidance can be found on what should replace them, and how to replace them without putting patient and staff safety at risk.

Too many hospital leaders have replaced pagers with smartphones without first considering a clinical communication strategy that accounts for all the people and information needed to deliver patient care.

They end up with a fleet of expensive devices and a siloed messaging app, and care teams who are still struggling to communicate.

This guide outlines how to:

  • Unify communication to unify care teams
  • Support the transition to minimize risk
  • Integrate and interoperate with systems and devices

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