What Are Your Peers Doing to Create a Safer Healthcare Facility?

To learn more about the adoption and use of communications and safety technology across today’s healthcare sector, Motorola Solutions conducted the 2021 Healthcare Survey. Survey respondents included nearly 250 healthcare professionals – approximately half of whom work in hospitals and half across surgical centers, long-term care facilities, mental health/addiction treatment centers, urgent care, research centers, and private practice. They include C-level executives, senior and middle managers, and specialists and coordinators with job functions ranging from operations and security to IT and communications. The majority represent organizations that are part of a network containing anywhere from two to 50+ sites or facilities.

Survey results make one thing clear: The desire to create a safer, more seamless patient experience is at the heart of all efforts to implement more modem connected communications solutions. Respondents are focused on getting the right information to the right people more quickly and efficiently, so that patients feel safe and supported at every stage of care – from admittance to treatment to follow up – This is what makes outcomes improve.

Download our 2021 Healthcare Communications Survey Report to better understand how healthcare organizations are using the latest technology to enhance facility operations, safety and the overall patient experience. Here's just a few of the findings from the report:

  • 91% of respondents are using multiple devices to communicate with each other
  • #1 communications priority is protecting staff, patients, and visitors with safety features
  • 50% plan to invest in video security within the next 5 years

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