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Every single day, healthcare facilities of all sizes and specialties face a multitude of challenges beyond providing quality care for those in need. That’s why it’s important to zoom out and look at the entire landscape of your facility operation.


From HVAC & Mechanical and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to Electrical Power, Lighting, Parking and even Valet & Guest Services, keeping these facility systems running efficiently and effectively is critical to your healthcare operation’s continued success.


Want to see exactly why? And what precise impacts these facility systems can have on both your bottom line and patient experience?


Download our collection of case studies today to receive detailed information demonstrating how streamlining and strengthening your facility systems with integrated solutions can help you:


  • Improve productivity by up to 23% through staffing reallocation plans
  • Maximize your bottom line through proper sanitation that curbs HAIs
  • Enhance the patient experience through a multitude of facility infrastructure focuses
  • Cut energy costs with upgraded HVAC and Lighting systems 
  • Meet health codes and decrease risk of injury with customized food and environmental service solutions
  • Increase patient satisfaction and real-time rounding with innovative AI solutions


ABM helps make healthcare facilities more efficient, more dependable 
and more cost-effective. That's the power of Complete Building Care.


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