Wake Up to the Facts About Fatigue eBook

There’s no question about it. Nursing is tough and tiring work. But when you dig into the facts about nurse fatigue, they’re pretty alarming. And they have far-reaching consequences for nurses, patients, and your organization. For healthcare organizations that want to retain a high-performing workforce — pressing snooze on nurse fatigue isn’t an option.
When nurses are tired, quality care suffers. So, what do your nurse’s have to say about the wide-spread issue?
  • 93% of nurses report that at the end of a typical day, they are mentally and/or physically tired
  • 37% of nurses say they worry about making a mistake
  • 44% of nurses worry their patient care will suffer because they are so tired
Download this eBook to learn how nurses employed in a U.S.-based hospital setting responded to a survey about fatigue, and ways to help manage fatigue at your organization. Download your copy!
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