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Online Summit | July 21, 2021



As we saw last year with the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare delivery is fraught with risks. Even as healthcare organizations continue to deal with COVID, there are many other risks to assess and manage. Join us and industry experts as we explore the various facets of healthcare risk management at this virtual event on July 21. This half-day event will focus on topics that are important to patient safety and quality professionals who are responsible for preparing for potential risks, responding to adverse outcomes, and ensuring that those outcomes are not repeated. 

Are you seeing the Blips on your Risk RADAR?

Time: 11:00 AM EDT

From a Risk perspective, our goal is not only to mitigate risks when they do occur, but ideally to see them coming and head them off at the pass. Without some kind of forward looking RADAR we end up being surprised more than we like. The more we can use the organization’s existing data to help provide early warnings the better. An ideal RADAR process will certainly include the event data we associate with Risk Management, but with the addition of some other early warning indicators and some adjustments in our analysis we may be able to significantly improve our early warning process. As our organizations get increasingly complex, and the risks get greater, we need to keep thinking about how we can improve our ability to prevent as well as mitigate.

Speaker: Kenneth Rohde, President, KRRohde LLC


Sponsored by: Jefferson College of Population Health, Riskonnect, SAI Global



The Agile Healthcare Organization: How Integrated Risk Management Improves Response in Times of Crisis

Time: 12:05 PM EDT

The pandemic put Healthcare Provider Organizations front and center, needing to respond to new risks literally overnight. Whether it’s the rapid expansion of virtual care, or combating critical supply chain shortages, HPOs need to have the agility to quickly and accurately adjust their course.

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) helped one country respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to significantly better outcomes than its neighbor. In this session, we’ll discuss how IRM proved critical to an early and effective response to COVID-19 and the positive outcomes that have accrued.


Speaker: Jay Lechtman, MA, Sr. Director, Strategy & Innovation, Healthcare​ , Riskonnect, Inc.


Sponsored by: Riskonnect


Rethinking Risk Management through High Reliability

Time: 01:10 PM EDT

It is a risk manager’s dream to avoid replicating adverse outcomes that occur not only once in their organizations, but multiple times before they are fixed. If organizations had unlimited resources, they could go back and redesign their structures and processes so they were fail-safe. Without those unlimited resources, a different solution is needed. Using high reliability concepts to redesign structures, processes and culture, organizations can prepare for a lower risk environment for their patients and visitors.

Speaker: Mary Reich Cooper, MD, JD, Program Director, Healthcare Quality & Safety, Jefferson College of Population Health


Sponsored by: Jefferson College of Population Health


Panel discussion: Risk Management Hot Spots

Time: 02:15 PM EDT

Our panel discusses some of the biggest issues in healthcare risk management:

  • Cyberattacks and ransomware
  • Workplace violence in healthcare settings
  • The growth of telemedicine
  • Minimizing risk in patient care and reducing errors


Sunil K. Sinha, MD, MBA, CHCQM, FACP , CME Committee Chair - ABQAURP and Vice President and Chief Medical Officer , Barnes Jewish Christian (BJC) Health Systems Medical Group

Barry P. Chaiken, MD, MPH , DocsNetwork, Ltd.

Jennifer Cowel, RN, MHSA, CEO, Patton Healthcare Consulting


Sponsored by: PSQH


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