Journey to Zero Harm: The University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center Transforms to Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement


Discover how the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center (UM SJMC) partnered with Virginia Mason Institute to develop and implement a proven management and improvement system that created big wins for their organization, including: improved staff morale; increase patient safety, and patient experience metrics; financial recovery.

In this comprehensive white paper, you will learn about UM SJMC’s journey including important factors for success and how they went from “good to great” by moving from standalone improvement projects to a proven systems approach to leading their organization. Working with sensei experts from Virginia Mason Institute, they created the St. Joseph Value Delivery System inspired by the Virginia Mason Production System® and implemented a cultural transformation where team members now work towards no patient harm.

As the story of how Virginia Mason Institute coaches, mentors and trains UM SJMC through the process of building upon the past to embed a new sustainable improvement system unfolds, you will hear about the experience from varied perspectives ranging from executives to frontline staff. Details include how UM SJMC recognized the need for change and decided to partner with Virginia Mason Institute, the dimensions of change, the impact of an aligned executive leadership team, the implementation of the new system, using the system to tackle the challenges of COVID and their plans to do more.

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