National Nurses Week: Special Report


Addressing Non-Ventilator-Associated Hospital-Acquired Infection Prevention.


Recent  healthcare  polices,  such  as  the  Centerfor  Medicare  and  Medicaid  Services  (CMS)  SEP-1,  have not focused on the impact of non-ventilator-as-sociated  hospital-acquired  infections  (NV-HAP)  on  sepsis rates. With  a  36.3%  sepsis  rate  in  NV-HAP  patients  compared  to  1.9%  in  those  with  community-acquired  pneumonia, NV-HAP sees staggering 19-fold increase in sepsis incidence.


Meanwhile, sepsis treatment in the U.S.  costs  the  industry  $24  billion  annually,  so  more  proactive steps toward prevention could not only mean healthier patients, but better financial outcomes as well.



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